Yellowstone GyPSy Guide Tour App Reviews

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We downloaded the app the night before entering Yellowstone National Park via Cody, Wy. Our intention was to take the circle of fire tour offered by the park, but the app provided great detailed commentary and gave us flexibility to move at our own pace without worrying about missing key points of interest. The app worked perfectly throughout YNP regardless whether we had cell service or not. We saved $200 in tour fees and missed nothing. Neither did we waste time wandering about aimlessly not knowing where to stop or turn. I wish they had an app for the black hills of SD as well.

Six Stars, Not Five!!!

The commentary & insights offered by this app were invaluable during our four days in Yellowstone. Although the information pretty much sticks to the main loop road (with a few side trips thrown in), it was simply great at suggesting where to stop, when turns & parking areas were coming up, etc. There was a lot of excellent commentary about park history, wildlife and explaining the science behind the parks thermal activity. Even though we had done a lot of advance research as to what we planned on seeing & doing, this app really gave us great suggestions, all of which we followed and appreciated. Not needing a cell signal or wifi was a major plus. Do yourself a favor & just spend the five bucks - you wont regret it!

Must have for Yellowstone

This app is a must for Yellowstone. It will be the best $5 you spend on your Yellowstone trip. The narration is great and very informative. It will help you find hidden gems.

Great app for Yellowstone

Just like having a personal tour guide, the narrator pointed out key must see spots as well as some history and educational aspects. Worked perfectly with gps only, As there is only limited cell service in the park. Would give 5 stars with minor changes 1 make the location services required only in app 2 allow the map ( which is excellent) to join in tour mode Great app though if you are visiting Yellowstone get this now

1 day in Yellowstone

We had only 1 day in Yellowstone and we used the guide. It was super helpful. We tried to stop at most of the "must see" spots. There is no cell service (AT&T) in most of the park but we had a portable wifi hot spot with us. But the tour was accurate and for the price it was amazing!

Love it!

Best $5 I thing I have ever spent. We learned so much more about Yellowstone with this app than we would have if we had gone on our own. The first day the app wasnt automatically playing the narratives, but I closed the app completely and reopened it. It worked perfectly after that. We liked that it worked without having to have a cell signal. Theres nothing bad to say about this.

Best App for Yellowstone BY FAR!

We were consistently amazed by this terrific app on our week+ in Yellowstone! Every other app was kludgy or depended on cellular signals (which were few and far between), or never updated correctly to orient to features or trails. This delightful "disembodied voice" was our constant companion once we entered the park from both the East and the North, pointing out main features and many great side trips. It stayed oriented with our travels basically to the turn, and responded with a friendly tone and great details. Long stretches of driving without new park features were filled with marvelous facts and stories about the parks history and wildlife, its geology and "must sees". We discovered new hikes and activities that were not on our initial long list of "things to do" thanks to what was offered up here. This gets our highest reco as a family, and well be checking back with GyPSy first before any of our future travels to see if they (hopefully) have a new guide to accompany us.

Just Curious

After finding that the vast majority of Yellowstone is a blanket of "no service" from any cellular provider, it was disappointing not to be able to use this app to help guide our extensive touring. Just curious... Is there a way to make this app function correctly when even the mapping function wont work reliably? Unless I misunderstood its intended use, it was a complete waste of money for me.

Excellent way to see yellowstone

Gypsy is an excellent way to see Yellowstone. It uses the geolocation to determine where you are and starts the commentary automatically. It covers all the important things to see and do in the park. Better than having a guide. Technology works perfectly. Once it stopped playing the narrative automatically, I just closed the app and restarted it.

You need this app!!!

We paid way too much money for a wildlife tour because we had learned soooo much from this app. Its the very best $5 we spent on our vacation. It doesnt matter if you are there for 1 day or a whole weeklike us - this app will help you see and understand what really makes this park special. We had horrible cell service and that didnt matter because it ran off GPS. I cant say enough about how much this simple app enhanced our experience in Yellowstone!!

So worth the $5

Get this app! It was the best $5 we spent for Yellowstone. It took us to places we might have driven right by. Highly recommend. Works without wifi or cell service. Ill be telling everyone I know about this app!

Best $ spent on the trip!!!!

Not that $5.00 is going to break anyone who is going on vacation, but this is most definitely the best money we spent on our trip to Yellowstone. The gypsy guide saved us a lot of wandering around wondering where to go and what to do next. The app was better than any map we could find. The guide was very informative and provided quite a bit of history and factual knowledge about many different aspects of the park. It was very well timed to our driving and offered options based on the time you could spend in the park. We highly recommend this to anyone!!

Yellostone GyPSy

This app is phenomenal. Our family and friends learned so much on our recent adventure through Yellowstone park. Thank you for the excellent app. We named our tour guide "Dan the Man" and Danny didnt fail.

Loved it!

We loved the app! Without it we would have missed many amazing stops at Yellowstone! Thanks for making such an awesome app! Highly recommend this to anyone! We will miss "The Dude" talking to us everyday now that we are headed home

Amazing resource

I have never taken the time to review an app but this one was so incredible that I had to. If you are going to Yellowstone or Grand Tetons this is a must have. Very informative and interesting enough to hold the attention of my teenager. Worked perfectly. Helped guide me to the must sees in the park and some incredible things I would have missed if not for this app. Get it for sure. Couldnt recommend more highly.


Bought this app on arrival to Yellowstone. It worked great without any phone service. Great suggestions and info, saw the park in 2 days made it interesting and simple

Loved this app for vacation - well worth the $5

Loved this app!!!! Very happy that it works using only GPS since I didnt have service in most of the park. Loved not only the descriptions of the attractions, but the history of the wolves, science of tectonic plates and caldera.

Great App

My family really enjoyed this ap. There was great information and facts that my kids really liked. It helps you know must see things and the time it may take at some spots. It was very good for us because we had limited time. It helped us decide what was best to spend our time on. We would use it again.

Guided tour awesome

Great app for Yellowstone!! Had no issues with service and could go back and listen to the same things when you needed a refresher. Kids learned items and so do the adults. Took pressure off the parents to find everything you wanted to know in Yellowstone!! Will definitely use when we travel to the other places they offer.

Very good!

Funny, useful, educational

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