Yellowstone GyPSy Guide Tour App Reviews

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Fantastic Guide

This app worked flawlessly. Commentary triggered by GPS location played over car’s audio system. It was like having a knowledgeable educational humorous guide in the car. The timing was perfect in pointing out sites, turns and parking. We saw and learned much more of Yellowstone than we could have from following written guides and maps.

So worth every dime!!

This is a must when going through Yellowstone Park. Traveling with my 88 year old Mother made it so easy & helpful. Learning so much more about area than we would have otherwise. Recommend it for any age.

Ive already recommended to my friends

In the middle of our vacation I was recommending this app to some of my friends that I know were going to Yellowstone in the near future. We called our gyspy "Gary the Guide". His quirky personality and interesting facts made our Yellowstone vacation perfect for my family. I cant imagine trying to navigate without Gary. There were a few app quirks, but with 90% of Yellowstone not having cell Service Gary came through non the less. We were thinking of heading to the Redwoods next year and wood LOVE to have Gary join us and guide us around the area.

Excellent app

This app was FANTASTIC for our journey through Yellowstone. It worked perfectly and the commentary was awesome. It really helped us maximize the time we spent in Yellowstone and was well worth the cost. Definitely would recommend this to anyone traveling to Yellowstone.

Best resource for Yellowstone

In my extensive preparation for our family road trip to Yellowstone, I purchased and studied at least a half-dozen books. Once we got to the park, this app was hands-down the most used and useful resource we had. It does not rely on wifi or a cellular connection. This is important, because there is no cell service in most areas of the park. The app can be set up to automatically narrate as you drive. It provides interesting information on the park in general, narration about specific sights, and information on worthwhile stops and side trips as you drive. There is plenty of notice of upcoming pull-outs and parking lots for the most worthwhile stops. We only had 4 days in the park, and this app helped us make the most of our time. I would tell anyone going to Yellowstone that this app is a must-have. Adults and young teens alike enjoyed listening to the narration. I have never reviewed an app before, but this was so helpful, I felt compelled to share.

Worth every penny

This app was fantastic! We would have missed many GREAT spots without Gypsy guiding us. The fact that it adjusts to your direction also was key. Do not enter Yellowstone without this app!

Worth the money

Of all the costs of a Yellowstone vacation - this is minor and well worth it. Appreciated the science and history narratives on the drive and the tips of places to see we mightve missed.

Yellowstone June 2016

My husband and I found this app to be very informative as well as very helpful during our trip to Yellowstone. I would definitely recommend the download. It was money well spent.


This app was so very helpful and informative! We only had two days to cover the park and this app helped us hit not only the hot spots but so many other places we likely would have driven right by without knowing we were missing something. The app was also very educational! Very pleased with the purchase!!

Fantastic App!!!

This was a fantastic app for our trip around Yellowstone. The "tour guide" was perfectly timed with his information and did not overwhelm us. He gave just the right amount of suggestions and so much valuable information. This made the trip so much better for us. I usually dont do reviews but, for us, this app was a necessity and incredibly awesome!


First I rarely take the time to write reviews. But just leaving an amazing week at Yellowstone and and am certain it was largely due to this app. Great spots were pointed out and the background info was amazing. Only wish app would work in landscape and that the map could switch to a non-north orientation based on preference like most gps units. Minor improvements would make this perfect. Audio commentary was entertaining and educational. A++. If you buy only one app make it this one.

Best app for Yellowstone

This is hands down the most useful app that Ive purchased in some time. It was like having a personal tour guide with us in our car as we drove through Yellowstone. Very informative and entertaining.

Very helpful AND educational

Love this app. Not only does it let you know what is coming up BEFORE you get there but also lets you know what you will see so you can decide if you want to stop and hints on parking. Another nice feature is that it gives you approximate driving time to the next destination to help you plan. A REALLY GREAT feature is that it has very educational segments that help you understand many different things from park history, wildlife habits, how geysers are formed, the role various weather plays etc. DEFINITELY worth the money.

Best $ for an app!!!

This app, by far, was the best resource for visiting Yellowstone. Our guide, George, would give you enough time to prepare for what was around the corner. We had 2 days and stopped at all of his "must see" recommendations and then some. Could not imagine doing Yellowstone with this app.


Very easy to use and full of great information. Greatly enhanced my trip to Yellowstone.

MUST-HAVE App with minor kinks…..

My family and I just got back from Yellowstone and Grand Teton NPs yesterday. I have been to both national parks about 5 or 6 times. This app guided us and explained in detail several neat features of the park that I have not know about before. The previous times I have driven through Yellowstone, I didn’t know I was driving past some interesting sights, till this app. I will honestly say, this is a great/must have app. It is worth the $5. It was like having our very own tour guide in the vehicle with us. We nicknamed him Ranger Rick for obvious reasons. =-) My 2 complaints were: First - While using the app on our iPhones, it kept wanting to play my music playlist even if the music app was not launched (like when you plug your iPhone into the car’s USB and it automatically starts playing your music). So, we reluctantly let it play the music. Then, the tour guide would come on but his voice was low. So, we would turn the volume up to hear him. Then he would stop talking and it would revert back to BLARING music from the playlist. Then, my wife and I would both dive to the volume control to turn it down. This would happen EVERY TIME the tour guide would come on and go off. I finally started playing soft music from the music app which, would make it bare-able. I recommend having a dedicated playlist of soft music, soft classical, etc.. just for this reason. It was VERY annoying. My family following behind us in a separate car experienced the same issue, they could not play it through their car speakers for the same reasons above. They opted to use the iPhone speaker without the phone being plugged into the cars USB. Instead, they plugged directly into the 12volt socket and it seemed to work fine without trying to launch music. However, they said it sounded soooo much better coming out of the car speakers. Second - I agree with a previous reviewer that it would be nice to have an option to have the map “Track-Up” orientation instead of being stuck in "North-Up" orientation. We kept rotating the phone so the map arrows would point in the direction of our travel. I only gave it 4 stars for the reasons stated above. Overall….this is a great app! My family and myself still enjoyed the app and we were thankful for it. I would buy it again and I plan on buying the Canadian Banff NP guided tour for my upcoming trip in a couple months.

Family of four loved it

We went to Yellowstone 6/22 - 6/30/16 and have a daughter who is 15 yrs old and son who is 13yrs old. We loved this app! The voice was great and he told us about what was coming ahead and gave us great facts and info. He even tried joking a few times.. But was very serious about the warnings. Our son liked learning the details and our daughter said "this guy makes everything so exciting !" Well worth it ! And we have AT&T so our cell service stunk but this app worked the whole time.

Fantastic Resource

We were alerted to this app by fellow travelers just before arriving at Yellowstone. It was invaluable. We didnt know exactly what we wanted to see. I felt that most of the recommendations were right on target. Cons: not enough commentary about best times of day to visit popular sights

Buy this app!!

Im an app cheapskate. I seldom spend anything and never over $1 on apps. This was the best and biggest purchase Ive made from the App Store ever. It was worth every penny and then more. First of all, the app runs in gps which is vital as we rarely had cell service in the park. Secondly, the narrator takes you to spots easily overlooked without some guidance. We found a swimming area near the west gate that was a family favorite thanks to our guide. Finally, The narrator also provides scientific and historical insight at many of the quieter stages of the drive, telling all about geysers, forest fires and other Yellowstone relevant info. In short, this app is great. Ive already recommended it to Yellowstone bound friends.

Loved It

Went to yellowstone and 8 other national parks on a several week road trip with the family. Our teenage kids found the information interesting and made road trips between sights entertaining and opened many neat adventures. I would love to see a Yosemite and many other areas added.

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