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Yellowstone GyPSy Guide Tour app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 8016 ratings )
Travel Navigation
Developer: GPS Tour Guide
5.99 USD
Current version: 2.1.1, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 13 Apr 2015
App size: 192.83 Mb

GyPSy Guide GPS driving tour of Yellowstone is an excellent way to enjoy a sightseeing trip to explore the national park. There are 300+ audio points that play automatically, featuring what to see, stories, tips and advice. All the benefits of a guided tour, the freedom to drive yourself.


If you like driving yourself when you go sightseeing, GyPSy Guide™ tour apps allow you to enjoy a guided tour experience while remaining totally independent. By driving yourself, youll be able to get from place to place faster, see more things and not be tied to anyone elses schedule.


The tour apps use your device’s location abilities to play the commentary AUTOMATICALLY. All you have to do is drive, listen and decide which places you want to stop at. Our tour guides have created an insightful and entertaining tour of Yellowstone. We’ll recommend the best places to experience and some great locations that most visitors will drive by. There’s so much to see and do, GyPSy will help you prioritize what suits you best and make sure you don’t miss a thing


GyPSy Guide knows where you are and which direction you are heading, and plays commentary automatically about the things you are seeing, plus stories and tips and advice.


It’s just like having a local friend to show you around. And that friend just happens to be a professional tour guide.


The same information you would get on a bus tour or from a guide book, for just a fraction of the price. And you control the itinerary and schedule.


No data, cellular or even wireless network connection needed while touring. Download over Wi-Fi before you tour. Anyone can use them with no need for roaming data – even visiting from another country.


The tour includes the most popular sightseeing stops and many more:

1) Old Faithful and the incredible Geyser Basin Areas
2) The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Area
3) Mammoth Hot Springs
4) West Thumb and the Lake area
5) Tower Fall and Roosevelt area
6) Many wildlife spotting opportunities

You can join the tour from any of the 5 park entrances or anywhere along the route. Whichever entrance you use, commentary will begin 10-15 minutes before you reach the Grand Loop Drive - the main road that circles the park.


Download the app on Wi-Fi from your network at home or use any free Wi-Fi network. Because the app is filled with audio commentary and maps, its larger than "normal" apps. Many phone/data networks may block the download because of size - so its important to download over a Wi-Fi network.

++ Continued use of GPS running in the background increases battery usage - we strongly recommend taking a cigarette style (DC outlet) car charger. This is much better than simply plugging into the USB port in a vehicle.

** iPad users - please note that WiFi-only iPads will not activate the commentary automatically. Any iPhone or network-capable iPad (WiFi + Cellular - whether you have a network connection or not) will work just fine.


GyPSy Guide™ produce award winning audio tours along scenic drives around the world. Enjoyed by travelers who prefer to set their own pace and itinerary on vacation, but enjoy a fun, informative and educational guided experience. Our goal is to provide a great introduction to the region and perhaps inspire you to learn more and return. None of our apps include paid advertising or placements for benefit.

Pros and cons of Yellowstone GyPSy Guide Tour app for iPhone and iPad

Yellowstone GyPSy Guide Tour app good for

This app worked flawlessly. Commentary triggered by GPS location played over car’s audio system. It was like having a knowledgeable educational humorous guide in the car. The timing was perfect in pointing out sites, turns and parking. We saw and learned much more of Yellowstone than we could have from following written guides and maps.
This is a must when going through Yellowstone Park. Traveling with my 88 year old Mother made it so easy & helpful. Learning so much more about area than we would have otherwise. Recommend it for any age.
In the middle of our vacation I was recommending this app to some of my friends that I know were going to Yellowstone in the near future. We called our gyspy "Gary the Guide". His quirky personality and interesting facts made our Yellowstone vacation perfect for my family. I cant imagine trying to navigate without Gary. There were a few app quirks, but with 90% of Yellowstone not having cell Service Gary came through non the less. We were thinking of heading to the Redwoods next year and wood LOVE to have Gary join us and guide us around the area.
This app was FANTASTIC for our journey through Yellowstone. It worked perfectly and the commentary was awesome. It really helped us maximize the time we spent in Yellowstone and was well worth the cost. Definitely would recommend this to anyone traveling to Yellowstone.
In my extensive preparation for our family road trip to Yellowstone, I purchased and studied at least a half-dozen books. Once we got to the park, this app was hands-down the most used and useful resource we had. It does not rely on wifi or a cellular connection. This is important, because there is no cell service in most areas of the park. The app can be set up to automatically narrate as you drive. It provides interesting information on the park in general, narration about specific sights, and information on worthwhile stops and side trips as you drive. There is plenty of notice of upcoming pull-outs and parking lots for the most worthwhile stops. We only had 4 days in the park, and this app helped us make the most of our time. I would tell anyone going to Yellowstone that this app is a must-have. Adults and young teens alike enjoyed listening to the narration. I have never reviewed an app before, but this was so helpful, I felt compelled to share.
This app was fantastic! We would have missed many GREAT spots without Gypsy guiding us. The fact that it adjusts to your direction also was key. Do not enter Yellowstone without this app!

Some bad moments

After finding that the vast majority of Yellowstone is a blanket of "no service" from any cellular provider, it was disappointing not to be able to use this app to help guide our extensive touring. Just curious... Is there a way to make this app function correctly when even the mapping function wont work reliably? Unless I misunderstood its intended use, it was a complete waste of money for me.
Well designed and implemented app. Very detailed information on the park and the sites to see. When driving, certain pre-defined waypoints trigger the audio. Its also aware of which direction you are traveling on the road. We never had an issue with the app not working in the park and would have missed several stops had we not used this. If you arent taking a commercial tour you MUST buy this app. Its worth the money.
It hit pretty much all the spots we wanted to see, plus a few we would have missed without it. It did get confused a few times and would either cut itself off or repeat something it had just said. The kids complained about having to listen to it on the long drive, but they picked up some useful information and we had some good conversation starters.
Found a flyer for this app on my visit out west. Downloaded and was so glad!!! Made our trip through Yellowstone a success. We had convenance of our car with an audio tour guide. Covers the entire grand loop. As we would approach a stop the audio would give history and commentary. Used GPS so even without cell service we were able to have s successful visit to one of the greatest parks. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Already purchased other apps for the rest of our trip!
Extraordinary value. Spoke us through our day extremely well. Worth multiples of the price.
Why spend money on a guided tour of Yellowstone when you can just pay for this App? It was easy to use! Just connect with your Bluetooth or via usb in your car and hear the audio through your speaker system. Its as if you have an actual guide in your car with you. Seriously amazing app! Cant do Yellowstone without it!

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