Yellowstone GyPSy Guide Tour App Recensioni

Top notch!

Thoroughly enjoyed this app. Have used it before for Canadian Rockies and Tetons. I highly recommend versus paying for a guided bus tour. Even though there is repetition, it is good for retention! Thank you for such a great product!

Yellowstone with Gypsy

The gypsy app absolutely improved our visit to Yellowstone! Totally worth the price. We felt like we came away with a much more in depth knowledge of the park than we would’ve just touring it ourselves with the map/brochure. Please add more parks. We will definitely use it again if there is a tour for our next park visit. Wish we had known about it while in Hawaii.

My new best friend

I traveled to Big Sky MT met up with some relatives who were there on business. I then started my Solo trip into West Yellowstone and stayed 3 nights in Gardiner/North Yellowstone. The Gypsy Guide was my new traveling buddy, I could not have done this 3 day journey without it! It guided me through everything, from scenic photo ops to little hikes to long hikes. It told me what areas were a must see and some areas not , depending on your time. It advised me when I was entered and exited the park. Gypsy told me about the fabulous history and was also very informative about the animals in park. I loved this APP and really could not have this journey without. It’s a must for any future parks! Thank You Gypsy Guide 👍👍👍👍👍

Love it

We loved the app it was so helpful to see everything in Yellowstone circle we would recommend it to anyone spending time in Yellowstone Park thank you


First app I ever bought and so worth it! Followed 90% of suggestions and always spot on! We would have struggled without this app especially because there is no cell phone coverage in most of the park. Made our trip enjoyable! Highly recommend!


Highly reccomend using app while driving around the park. Lets u know upcoming things and good narrative without too much mumbo jumbo. Only addition they should make is to tell folks to stop at Fairy Falls parking area (next one up from Prismatic) to get look down view of grand prismatic from above to see the vibrant colors that u see in photos

Worked great, made out vacation fantastic!!

Yellowstone is a big place to see in three day, this app made it easy to see EVERYTHING!! Very interesting commentary on the park, the habitat, animals and history. We loved this app!

Amazing app

Used this app for a 2 day trip in the park with family. Amazing app for driving around the park and stopping at ‘must see’ sites. In between sites the info was great and made the longer driving sections seem shorter. Park was a little crowded and some of separate drives the guide recommended off the loop were crowd free and amazing.

Loved this guide!

We loved this app. It was like having a personal guide with us. We would have missed so many little turn off sites. He also talked a lot about the geology and animals of the park. Made out trip amazing!

Love this app!

We nicknamed our Yellowstone guide “Fred”, and found him to be a funny, informative and all round terrific guide! This is an invaluable app!


The Ap was awesome. We had a group of 6 in our vehicle and did audio over the radio. He was clear and easy to understand. His stories were great and we saw things we never would have stopped for. Thanks for making our trip even better.

1st time to Yellowstone

I agree with another reviewer- there were some trails that were closed. So, for those who really need to know about that, i recommend contacting the park for that updated info. Otherwise, it was like having a friend in the car with us. Worth every penny!

Best $5 I spent

The app was extremely helpful and we hardly even used the map. It not only gave directions but great information on the park. I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed the park nearly as much without it. I highly recommend it

Well worth it!

We only had 1.5 days in Yellowstone. This app worked flawlessly (even having little to no cellular service) and allowed us to really maximize our time in the park. Our virtual tour guide told us of spots coming up on the road, which ones were must sees, and which ones we were ok to miss on short time. His recommendations never disappointed! We appreciated the facts shared on the drives between destinations as well since Yellowstone is such a huge park. Even the teens thought it was interesting with just enough humor thrown in to keep them listening. This was the best investment we made on the whole trip and even if we would have paid 3x more, we still would say the same!

Our very own tour guide!

I never rate apps, but this one needs it. LOVE that we (family of 5 with 12, 10, & 8 year olds) had our own personal tour guide in Yellowstone! Totally worth the $5! This made our trip way more educational than expected and took us to amazing places we did not plan to stop at. Thank you Mr. Gypsy Guy (because that is what we called him) for the great tour and even some laughs along the way!

Awesome Guide for Yellowstone

We had no idea what to expect with the audio guide and it made our experience At Yellowstone amazing. I will use his audio guides for other parks as well

Amazing resource

These guides are terrific. My husband and I had been to both Grand Teton and Yellowstone multiple times and we discovered places using these guides we didn’t know about. My kids (6 and 10) were fascinated by the information and alwasyz reminded me to turn the app on because they wanted to now about where we were. We learned about natural wonders, history, geology! The narrator’s voice is pleasant and the guide works seamlessly, even without cell service. I will not hesitate to buy these guides again whenever there is one for an area we’re visiting!!!

Waste of money

Audios just repeats what ever is written on boards. U cants zoom properly and search for trails and other routes.

Richard AB

We used Gypsy Guides for both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National parks. They are an awesome resource and worked perfectly.

Best Tour Guide App!

Honestly, the only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 was because there were some sights we were directed to that were closed. It would be helpful if there was a way to keep updated on closures. Otherwise, it really made the experience so much better than it would have been on our own. There were so many places away from the crowds at the “big name” places that he directed us to that were amazing and I’m sure we would have gone by without stopping. Interesting facts and background information on the park in general was great to listen to during stretches going from one sight to another. I am so glad I found this app! I only wish I had known about it when we were at Arches and Canyonlands! The fact that it works off GPS and not cell service is key because there is virtually no cell service in the park!

We loved it!

We got this before our recent trip to Yellowstone and it was worth it. We turned it on as we drove around the park. We learned so much and it pointed out things we hadn’t thought about doing. Our kids loved it when it would pop up with something new. Get it before you go because there is limited cell service in the park and WiFi was hard to find.


The audio commentary did not play while we were in the park. It only worked while we were in our hotel on WiFi. It claims you don’t need WiFi but it didn’t work without it. I tried all of the suggestions in the trouble shooting section. All it did was drain my phone battery. Completely disappointing and a waste of money.

Must Have APP for Yellowstone!

I downloaded 4 apps in preparation for our trip to Yellowstone National Park and this one was by far the BEST APP I used. I was hesitant to pay $5.99, but it was money well spent. It gave a guided tour telling us the best places to stop and visit, suggestions if we were on a time crunch, parking tips, information about the park, animals, geothermal features, history of the park, etc. I highly recommend this app if you are driving through Yellowstone. It is your own personal tour guide and well worth the money spent.

Fantastic Guide

We downloaded gypsy guide for Yellowstone, just prior to traveling there. We were very pleased with the app! As we drove the tour guide followed us, through our sound channel of our RV, explaining the unique sites to stop and check out. The dialogue was clear and very informative of every geothermal site, the plants and animals, and the fabulous history and lore of the park. It is very easy to use, as it works through your I phone or Auto navigation system. You don’t have to worry about losing it along the way, no WiFi needed! Love this app, and plan on purchasing for every park we travel to this year! Very well done!

Amazing tour guide!

This was SO GOOD. We got so much more out of our trip than we would have without it. We saw more and made more worthwhile stops, and learned a ton along the way. The narrator is awesome (we named him Marcus), and the whole thing made our trip way more rewarding. Would completely recommend, and use any GyPSy guides available.

No service

Went to Yellowstone National Park and ATT has no service. There should be a disclaimer in very beginning of app stating before purchasing that app may not work. I’m sure app is great but was never able to try it. I would appreciate a refund.

Beat expectations by a mile

Not sure what I expected. Was recommended by a website and decided to spend the few dollars. It was like having my own tour guide in the call. Great information. Certainly enhanced our time in Yellowstone. Will not travel without it.

Loved it!!

This app was amazing! I drove through the Park in a day with my two teens and it made our day so much more interesting and easy to choose the things we wanted to see. We named our guide Teddy after President Roosevelt and he was informative, funny and made our day in the Park so much fun!!! This app is a MUST and I can’t imagine touring with out it!

2 weeks ago

This is a must when visiting Yellowstone, so much information made our visit the best ever.

Awesome tour advice

The app works great and the info was spot on. It was so helpful to hear background info on all the popular stops AND the lesser known ones. Really helps to prioritize your day. Directions were super helpful too. Narrator is easy to listen to. Thanks for coming along on our vacation.

Best App must have

We named him Fredrick. He was our guide and we loved him. This is a must have app for Yellowstone. So much information just what u need when you need. Download before u go and it will run on GPS when you have no signal in the park. Well worth the money. Looking forward to the next national park

Don’t go without this app

Like a tour guide in your car, the audio triggers based on your location within the park, providing history, knowledge, safety tips, insights about animals. The vocalist is pleasant, humorous and a resource we we couldn’t have done without. Highly recommend!

OMG Best Travel App Yellowstond

OMG this vacation is my favorite. Being city folk, a friend recommended an App GyPSy Guide Yellow stone (They have several parks) and most amazing GPS marked spots it educates you. We have 14 year old twin boys and 12 year old girl. Really makes driving 4-5 Hours pleasurable for kids, since says coming up is a Trail you should take 5 miles both ways and worth it. History, Science, fun facts, animal viewing suggestions. We saw 7 bears, Elk, 1000s Bison, Coyote, great recommended hikes. Secret places. Best App I have Ever Used Traveling period!

Worth it !

We just left Yellowstone and the tidbits of information were great. We purchased the one for Teton too, not realizing there was one for both.

Worth every penny!!!!!

This app is awesome! I would recommend everyone download it if traveling in Yellowstone. It gives you informative information and facts about the park. The best thing is that it works with GPS to track your location and tailor information to your location. It tells you the “must see” sites and also gives you other stops to make if you have time. There are a few things we would’ve driven by without this app because we didn’t know it was worth seeing! If I go anywhere else that this is offered, I am 100% downloading this app. And the price is cheap! Don’t debate; just download it!


I can’t say enough good things about this app. We had no cell service in the park but it somehow knows where we are and what’s up ahead. We were able to take lesser-known routes and we found things we would not have seen without this tour guide. You really should buy this app it is the best money you will spend going to Yellowstone! Awesome!

Worth it!

The guides are well done and enjoyable to listen to as you travel through yellowstone. Well worth the small fee. I look forward to using Gypsy guides on when touring other parks.


Saw the add for this app in a magazine and thought what the heck, we’ll try it. Had some friends with us and we toured ourselves through Yellowstone. We absolutely loved it! We nicknamed the voice “Stan”, he was full of knowledge, interesting and has a sense of humor. We are from the area of Yosemite National Park and are interested to try that one just to see if we learn new things! Highly recommend this!

Highly recommend

I can not recommend this app enough. We spent 6 days in Yellowstone with our sons (11 and 8 years old) and all of us enjoyed the history and guidance. I can say with certainty that we would have missed some of my favorite things had we not had it. Downloaded it thinking it would not be a huge loss if it didn’t work out and was pleasantly surprised and ended up loving it. Our trip would not have been the same without it! Great purchase!

Worth it !!!

It’s definitely a worth

Yellowstone Park

I just loved this would definitely recommend it to anyone going to the state park told us things and spots in park we would not of known about this was a A+ in my book !!


This app was the best . I would absolutely recommend it ! And I will be looking for similar apps in the future when I travel . It’s like having a tour guide in your phone .

Don’t do Yellowstone without this app!!

I never write reviews but I had to for this one! I downloaded this before our vacation to Yellowstone assuming I’d spent $5 on nothing, but WOW! The commentary and directions were spot on, took us on side trips we never would have found, and that no one else knew about, which was super nice! It was like having a private tour guide! We’re hoping there’s one for every national park we go to from now on!

Amazing app for touring Yellowstone

We took a chance and purchased this GPS tour guide during a trip to Yellowstone. We couldn’t have been happier with it. We would have missed out on a great deal of the park without the app. I highly recommend it and I’m glad to see that Gypsy continues to add locations to the list of tour guides it offers. Do yourself a favor and purchase this guide prior to visiting any of the locations available. Loved it!!!

Yellowstone trip 09/2017

Used this every day. Loved it! The narrator is great. We went down some awesome roads that weren't even on our radar. It's not up to date with current closures- so be sure to check before using.

Yellowstone gypsy

Absolutely loved this guided tour .. However, the sound kept going out and I had to keep rebooting my IPhone 7. Other than that it was spot on in regards to location and provided additional info about the park while we we driving around.


This was worth every penny. I was overwhelmed trying to plan our itinerary but this app saved the day. Not only is there interesting commentary, but the navigation is great. Hubby was skeptical but after the first hour he was relying on it for navigation as well as wondering when our buddy would be joining us again. We did have some issues with losing the sound after a stop but found that it was incompatibility between the iPhone 6 and Ford's Bluetooth. All was good once we shutoff the Bluetooth.


Worth the cost. Provides some interesting information that isn't readily available within the park. App works well and is reliable.

Excellent Guide

A friend and I drove our way through Yellowstone, this guide was so helpful, it provided tips on sights off the beaten path, where to park if you wanted to hike versus just stop at an overlook. It also gave some history about Yellowstone that was helpful. Well worth the money. I have already recommended the app to five different couples that were making the trip the following weekend!

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